• 2020: Update Respiroguide Pro in App store and Playstore.  Stresseraser Pro in Apple Healthkit

  • 2019: conference Polyvagal Theory: how to bring Autonomic Nervous System in balance, Safe Sound Protocol.

  • 2018:New HRVdevice for iPhone: StressEraser pro: see

  • 2017: new version of Balance Manager for training resiliance and measuring emotions, stress and more.

  • 2016: scientific article K.Blase,et al, Efficacy of HRV-biofeedback as additional treatment of depression and PTSD click here

  • 2015: New App: Respiroguide Flow Ball for Android.

  • 2014: New update of Respiroguide Pro 1.2 in App store. With updated coulours. With more possibilities of breathing rate and with additional text to understand: how to use the app.

  • June 2013: conference On becoming Emotionally Regulated with prof Stephen Porges, SueCarter, Bessel vander Kolk  info
  • In 2012 Respiroguide Pro is also available in the Google store for Android mobile devices.
  • In september 2010 the Respiroguide Pro can be sold in the app store, the store of applications of Apple for I-phone and I-pod. Respiroguide Pro will train the reflexes of your vascular system. This will help in lowering blood pressure, is effective in coping with stress and anxiety, and enhances better concentration at school, business and sport.



  • More information you can find in English, French, Dutch, German, Russian and Italian: or when you click on Vital EQ. Respiroguide Pro is the most simple and innovative stress relief breath pacer. It is based on research and clinical experience and will facilitate stressmanagement and trauma healing all over the world because it is the cheapest device available.
  • 1 october 2009: HartFocus organised a conference "Slim with your heart rhythm"in Amsterdam with David 'O Hare PhD, dietist and physician, Louisa Roosch, psychiatrist and Kees Blase, medical physicist. Nine steps to cardiac coherence, emotional coherence and food coherence: a practical and selfhelp therapy for people with overweight, based on science about cardiac coherence, mindfulleness, cognitive therapy, and neuroscience. This book was sold is now a bestseller in Netherlands and in France. It was sold out in 3 month, and reprinted directly.
  • 9 october 2009: Kees Blase MSc gave a lecture "The heart as conductor" in Utrecht on the conference "Coherence in Health"  About HRV-biofeedback, trauma healing and cardiac coherence, frozen emotions and moving emotions, and the wisdom about the heart and emotions in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • 17 november 2008: innovationcentre HartFocus organised  the conference with psychiatrist and  neuroscientist prof Stephen Porges in Amsterdam: Love or trauma? How our responses to proximity and touch are mediated by natural mechanisms."