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Vital-IQ is a product line of the International Institute of Stressmanagement, based on the research on HRV-biofeedback and cardiac coherence.

You can buy the RESPIROGUIDE PRO for your IPOD and I-phone in the App Store of APPLE and in the Google Playstore for Android mobile devices. 
  • “The most effective stress relief tool on the market” – dr. David O’Hare, Montreal, Canada
  • “My clients appreciate the sense and simplicity of this stressregulation tool, it is great in its simplicity” – Kees L. Blase, medical physicist, Netherlands

More than ten thousand Respiroguides Pro's have been sold all over the world : France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Malaisia, Thailand, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Poland, Danmark, Sweden, Norway.

Respiroguide Pro

Respiroguide Pro will train the reflexes and so the elasticity of your vascular system. This will help in lowering blood pressure, is effective in coping with stress and anxiety, and enhances better concentration at school, business, music and sport. 

The ABC of cardiac coherence

Heart rate is a dynamic body function that varies in each moment.
In an Active state (sympathic activity) heart rate increases, in a Calm and relaxed state heart rate decreases. Cardiac Coherence is the Balanced state of the autonomic nervous system in which you feel safe and happy, free from fear and anxiety and overstressed reactions, concentrated and focused on the essence.

The body can be brought into the state of Cardiac Coherence through guided breathing. Guiding the resonance frequency (Respiroguide Pro) can be compared with guiding someone on a swing by pushing at just the right moment to optimise their swing. With respiration we can optimise the heart rhythm.  

Each individual has his or her own personal respiratory frequency (resonance frequency) in which cardiac coherence is optimal. This ideal respiratory frequency is between 0,06 Herz and 0,12 Herz. The Respiroguide Pro will help you to find your personal resonance frequency, which depends on the length and width of your blood vessels.
You can set the guide in four different frequencies:

  • Average: F6: 6 breaths a minute = 0,1 Herz
  • Average: F5: 5 breaths a minute = 0,083 Herz
  • Slow: F4: 4 breaths a minute = 0,066 Herz
  • Quick: F7: 7 breaths a minute = 0,118 Herz

To find your resonance frequency it’s important to experience all four breathing frequencies and notice:

  • which one provides the most balanced feeling
  • which one comfortably provides sustainable for a period of at least 5 minutes
  • which one gives a maximum amplitude in Heart Rate Variability. This last function requires access to a HRV-biofeedback instrument with a Cardiac Coherence Coach.

Cardiac Coherence Coaches can be found at (Netherlands) and (Europe, Asea).

The Respiroguide Pro is a medical tested safe device. More than 20 years of research showed positive effects:lowering bloodpressure, less anxiety, enhancing performance, coping stress, effective treatment of trauma. Take care: do not make the inhale too deeply, after a while this occasionally can make someone dizzy. Focussing on the exhale is the most effective way and than let the diaphragm guide the inhale by itself.


Respiroguide is brought to you by Vital-EQ the International Institute for Stress Management.


Respiroguide Pro is the most simple and innovative stress relief breath pacer. It is based on research and clinical experience and will facilitate stressmanagement and trauma healing all over the world because it is the cheapest device available.


Quick start: press the play button and just breathe in and out with the yellow dot. Breath in as the dot goes up, breath out as it goes down.

The default setting is a 3 minute long exercise. This is what it takes to lower your level of stress. Research has shown that slow breathing at the resonant frequency will decrease the level of cortisol, the stress hormone.

It takes practicing regularly, three to four times a day, wherever you are, whenever you wish; just breathe at the pace set by the respiroguide.

If three minutes is the ideal starting set point, gradually increase the exercise lengths, but remember to do this simple exercise about three times every day. Over one week of exercising you will probably notice the effects in your body.


Breathing at the resonant frequency for several minutes three times a day is a very powerful stress management tool inducing alert calmness and the perception of stressful stimuli is modified.We have wished to keep the tool simple and make into a one-touch tool, always ready as soon as the user can take the short time to synchronize his biological rhythms with the Respiroguide Pro.

There are several software and hardware tools to guide breath and heart synchronization; none of them are as simple as the Respiroguide Pro which is based on the same scientific knowledge.

Probably the best investment you will ever make. If you use it!

Two simple options:

  • Turn the sea wave sounds on and off (the waves are synchronized to the specific frequencies)
  • Chose the duration of the exercise; remember that the secret to stress relief is practicing several times every day, so make it simple, use the respiroguide!


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